Tale Weaver #39 – Shadows – The Malevolent Shadow


Image: © Rose’s Garden

Weave a tale in which your shadow or shadows play a significant role.

Imagine your shadow can communicate, decides it is sick of you and wants to leave, argues with you about life decisions, vanishes……becomes a confidante, you can discus his/her close association with you how you value him/her being there…or the conflict you experience when it develops a mind of its own.

Kate awoke as always at an early hour and immediately that feeling of dread descended upon her.

She looked around and couldn’t see anything that might upset her but she knew it was nearby, lurking in shadow disguising itself so she couldn’t organise an early morning escape or plot against it.

It was quite ludicrous that she be afraid of her own shadow but she was.

Her’s was positively evil.

It didn’t behave to any normal conventions of what a shadow should do and in actual fact it worked contrary to anything she did.

If she stepped right it stepped left, if she waved with one hand it waved with the other. And to make it worse it always walked in front of her irrespective of where the sun might be in the sky.

It was all very unnerving along with the terrible sensation she got when the shadow appeared to turn towards her at certain times and admonish her with a wagging finger.

At night the shadow would take itself off to the far side of her room and appear to sulk as the day’s light dimmed and Kate would turn out her light making it disappear completely.

It was at night Kate felt safest because she couldn’t see the shadow and she hoped it couldn’t see her, though she sometimes woke to the feeling that it was there at the end of the bed breathing its malevolence at her.

It hadn’t always been this way.

Her shadow had behaved as shadows do up until she had complained about her neighbour Miss Marble. Miss Marble was a witch and made all sorts of potions day and night, created smells and generally cussed and fussed at all hours.

Kate realised she had made a mistake in moving next door to Miss Marble but never anticipated the response Miss Marble gave to her complaint.

Kate had complained to the residents association, as was her prerogative. Several neighbours had warned her against such action but Kate thought she was justified in her complaint.

It was after a late night visit from Miss Marble that all the trouble had started. Miss Marble she thought had come round to sort out a neighbourly agreement and instead had given her a small vial and instructions to drink it at bedtime.

Kate had done so and her shadow suddenly developed a mind of its own.

It had been two weeks since it all started and Kate decided enough was enough.

She went round to Miss Marble’s house and knocked on the door.

Miss Marble showed her in and listened to her tale of the terrible time she was having with her shadow. Miss Marble could see the toll it was taking on Kate and was sympathetic to her.

‘You see it’s not your shadow,’ said Miss Marble, ‘Its mine.’


‘Yes dear your shadow has been staying with me these past few weeks and a very lovely shadow it is, would you like it back?’

“Oh please may I. No wonder I’m beside myself your shadow can be right aggressive.’

‘Yes it can when I let it out. You see my dear I needed you to come round and have a chat with me, see that I’m not the wicked witch you may think I am. In fact I prefer to get along with my neighbours rather than disagree with them. Makes for a happy street you might say.’

‘It’s the smells and noises at all hours that bother me the most.’

‘Ah yes now to fix that, at bedtime from now on I want you to put this small wreath on your bedside table, I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby. If you have any doubts ask whatshername on the other side of me, I can never remember her name, you know the woman with grey bangs and a large woolly dog.’

‘I haven’t met her,’ said Kate, ‘so thanks for this, do I owe you anything?’

‘No my dear just your cheery smile when you see me over the fence.’

‘Well thank you Miss Marble, I’ll try this out tonight.’

As Kate stood to leave there was a shuffle in the corner as her shadow skipped across the room and joined her.

It was a very welcome reunion and Kate went home, wreath in hand full of hope for a good nights sleep safe from the prying presence of Miss Marbles shadow which she was glad to see the back of.

She woke the next morning fully rested and ready to enjoy walking with her shadow in the place it belonged.

Her shadow was rather pleased as well as Kate noticed a bit of a skip in its step as they walked along.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/tale-weaver-39-shadows/

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25 Responses to Tale Weaver #39 – Shadows – The Malevolent Shadow

  1. all’s well that ends well 🙂 well written, Michael!

  2. Miss Marble has appeared again I see. What a naughty shadow he was! Quite disconcerting too, waving the opposite arm and playing up as he did, glad she got her original one back! Sings “me and my shadow…”

  3. I think Miss Marble can put a skip into anyone’s step — shadow or reader.
    When will you write a story about your lady with the grey bangs (and her dog)? She’s “popped up” in some interesting places.

  4. PS: I didn’t forget she is a “main” in your observation tale, lol.

  5. mandy says:

    I did enjoy this tale, Michael. Interesting that one would drink a vial of who knows what from a stranger. Yikes! Where I live if a neighbor offered me a glass of water I’d leave town and join the witness protection program 😅 I really love this sweet side of Miss Marble.

  6. J Lapis says:

    This is so great, Michael–a message to get along with our neighbors, and perhaps more importantly, ourselves…

  7. There is something very sinister about a shadow tuning toward you isn’t there? I like the twist in this, that it was Miss Marble’s shadow and the happy ending!

  8. Bastet says:

    What a fun story … one really must be careful of who one complains about …. she’s quite a lady!

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