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It’s Tuesday, Another Challenge Day! – Possibility

It was all about symbols. When you went to his house everything was some sort of symbol. The paper bird in the cage a symbol of his attitude to pets. He’d say: “It’s the best bird I ever had. Never … Continue reading

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Open Link Night # 172 – Word Market

There was a man who went to the Sunday word market He ventured for the first time Among poets and wordsmiths. He trod cautiously feeling out of his depth For here were academics, learned and wise people All vying for … Continue reading

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Image: http://publicdomainarchive.com/public-domain-images-vintage-kids-toys-books-fisherprice/ The opening sentence:  “Nothing is ever as easy as it looks.” It was those words that echoed in my mind from day one. Understanding their language didn’t seem all that hard. After all it was a series of grunts … Continue reading

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Word Of The Week (WOW #18) – Lassitude

Lassitude a state of physical or mental weariness or lack of energy My Cousin Harry lived in a constant state of lassitude. His mum my Aunt Mary was always on Harry’s back about one thing or another. All the while Harry … Continue reading

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