Tale Weaver 24/2/22 – The Seductress

Lucy Aldesire came from a long line of seductresses. Within her family there was tradition, there were standards and those standards must be adhered to otherwise the family name would be besmirched.

The trouble was Lucy wasn’t very good at being a seductress. Fate had her born to an incredibly beautiful mother who in Lucy’s mind had obviously kissed a frog in the town pond for when she came along it was clear her father’s genes had won out over her mother.

Nevertheless, Lucy was told from an early age that she was to carry on the family traditions of seductresses and there was no question that she wouldn’t.

She had watched her mother lure in men with seeming ease, suck their money from them and rejoice in each conquest.  Such was her mother’s success Lucy lived a life of luxury and pampering.

But no amount of privilege made the difference when each plain Jane in the community was far more attractive than Lucy. Where her mother was shapely in all the right places, Lucy was flat in all the wrong places.

Schooled in all the right seductive skills a girl would need to catch her man, Lucy found her basic unattractiveness a real handicap.

Her mother, bless her heart and soul, never tired in encouraging Lucy. She held the eternal hope that one day her daughter would get it and be successful.

But Lucy didn’t develop a shapely body like her mother. Puberty produced a body that sprouted a few unwelcome hairs but very little in the upper body. Her mother tried everything she could. Fake bras with fake breasts, hip pads instead of shoulder pads though she could well have done with some of those.

As a teenage girl growing up and showing little if any change to her body shape it became obvious to her friends that Lucy was not a chip off her mother’s block.

Despite her lack of physical development, she was blessed with the most amazing eyes. She soon realised that though her body was letting down it was her eyes that lured men and boys in. It was like she could mesmerise you, entice you into a world where you lost control and found yourself surrendering to her charms.

It proved quite a money earner, as Lucy had only to flash her eyes at any man she targeted and they willingly opened their wallets for another look into her eyes.

So it was that Lucy followed in the family’s footsteps, not in the traditional way but by using her own unique gifts.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2022/02/24/tale-weaver-24-02-22-the-seductress/

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6 Responses to Tale Weaver 24/2/22 – The Seductress

  1. KL Caley says:

    Beautiful eyes are a very attractive feature. Great story. KL ❤️

  2. There is hope for me yet, she says fluttering her big blue eyes! Only problem is no one can see them because my soecs are so dirty ffs.
    Great story as always 🙂

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