Reena’s Xploration Challenge #209 – Not Enough Tabs.

My brain has too many tabs open.

I like this topic for no other reason than what if the opposite applied, in that, I didn’t have enough tabs open?

I don’t think I have overload, more so it’s underload for me.

I think it’s always been that way for me, look for the easiest way to solve a problem rather than spend hours trying to nut it out.

Somehow or other I have managed to get myself through life, fumbling my way along, more often than not conning people into believing I know what I am doing.

Right from the word go I recall my teachers telling me I was lazy. That I had to make a bigger effort, apply myself to the tasks given but what they didn’t know was that for the most part, I was working to my capacity, as inquisitive as I was, there were limitations as to what I could achieve and so in many ways, I suffered through childhood weighed down by expectation.

We didn’t know about tabs in those days, when you didn’t live up to it then you were thought of as not having a go, in other words, bone lazy.

So my brain has worked on minimal tabs open at any one time, I mean why overtax it when it’s limited anyway.

And so I have come to this stage in life where I am happy with an inquiring mind, I can make my own decision as to what to do, what to believe and what to say.

If I opened too many tabs then I know my brain would hurt and I wouldn’t want that.

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12 Responses to Reena’s Xploration Challenge #209 – Not Enough Tabs.

  1. Sadje says:

    What works for you should be your priority.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    I like the approach of seeing it from the reverse side. And intelligence is about solving problems with minimal effort, and not exerting too much 😃

  3. Reena Saxena says:

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    Not enough tabs….by Michael

  4. Indira says:

    Good take on the prompt.

  5. Risa says:

    I totally understand this post! Some of us simply need to take it one step at a time. We work better when we are focused on fewer tabs. There’s absolutely nothing lazy about that!

  6. Lyn says:

    Aaah… “not working to full potential.” I’d like a dollar for every time that appeared on my report card 🙄

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