Tale Weaver/Fairytale – #317 – 4th March – The Wicked Witch – A Miss Marble Story

Miss Marble, witch, of 46 Grimace Street had long pondered the difference between a good and wicked witch.

Her own life, she concluded, as long as it had been, had contained elements of the good and bad.

Mostly she thought of herself as a good witch, but it was always , she was aware, a matter of perspective.

Mr Pruit of 32 Grimace Street most likely considered her a wicked witch. It was all, his own fault when he landed on her doorstep, demanding a supply of her garden fertilizer. He was, on a good day an angry man, but his rudeness to Miss Marble was something she took exception to.

When she began advising him about the use of her fertilizer, he had interrupted her telling her he had been gardening for fifty years and knew all there was to know about gardens and fertilizers.

The result for Mr Pruit was he went home with a bottle of fertilizer but, after applying it to his garden, discovered he was only capable of growing half vegetables. His potatoes were chat size, and his carrots only pencil thick. He blamed Miss Marble, of course, telling everyone who would listen what an evil and wicked witch she was.

On the other hand, old Potty Mary from 43 Grimace Street had no problem using the fertilizer.

The one issue Potty had was remembering to apply the fertilizer only to crops growing below ground. On one occasion, she had applied it to a crop of zucchini, and as everyone knows, you have to watch zucchinis, for if you turned your back on them, they’d grow to twice their size. Potty Mary woke one morning with a zucchini up against her back door. It took a dose of Miss Marble’s Reduction Potion to get things back under control and Potty access to her outhouse.

Meanwhile, Mr Pruit continued spreading rumours about Miss Marble and her wicked ways. It got so that Miss Marble needed to pay him a visit.

She asked if they could have a cup of tea and offered to make it.

Mr Pruit was none to happy about Miss Marble being in his house and sat glumly at his kitchen table while Miss Marble boiled the kettle. She slipped a drop of her Anger Reduction Potion into the cup she poured for him.

The result was instantaneous, and before her sat a much happier Mr Pruit. She took the opportunity to explain about applying her fertilizer, which Mr Pruit listened to and thanked her for the advice.

As she left, she left a bottle of her fertilizer on the table and looked forward to seeing the results.

As Mr Pruit tendered his garden, he thought he must be more polite to Miss Marble the next time he needed fertilizer, as she wasn’t such a wicked old witch after all.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2021/03/04/tale-weaver-fairytale-317-4th-march-the-wicked-witch/

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5 Responses to Tale Weaver/Fairytale – #317 – 4th March – The Wicked Witch – A Miss Marble Story

  1. Sadje says:

    Nice to read another adventure of Miss Marble.

  2. Lyn says:

    I’ve known people like Mr Pruit. They truly do need to be taken down a peg or two at times. It’s so nice to see Miss Marble again 😀

  3. Good to see Miss Marble back Michael.

  4. Patricia says:

    Miss Marble is a smart witch. And a kind one.

  5. Can’t like again today but nice story; and some people do have anger issues… Miss Marble is definitely kinder than Mr Pruit deserved 😛

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