Sunday Writing Prompt – 20th December –Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me Tommy.

Straight up I’ll admit to not being good all the time this year. It wasn’t my fault but more my sister Ally’s fault.

So when you receive a letter from her please treat it with a grain of salt.

Ally is a real cow. Couldn’t lie straight in bed as they say.

The incident with Mum’s rolling pin was not my doing even though in the end I was the one found holding the wretched thing. She set me up and afterwards all I heard was Ally laughing loudly as Mum extracted her revenge upon me.

The business with the hydrangeas was another case of me being set up.

Mum had planted them across the front of our place and Ally informed me that the ideal fertilizer was to pee on them. I thought tis was a great idea, think of all the time that could be saved when outside playing, when the urge came to just run over to the plants and let it all out.

I’d been doing for a few days when Ally ran in to Mum, telling her that I was poisoning the hydrangeas. Mum went a bit psycho and banned me from the garden altogether. All the time I was trying to help the plants along.

So you see it hasn’t been all plain sailing for me. I did do the shopping for old Mrs Green each week. She gave me a dollar for my efforts so that has to be one for me in the ‘good’ column.

I did ask your helper Santa at the shopping centre for a computer game so if you could manage overlooking the above, not so ‘good’ incidents I will try and improve for next year.

Mum’s made a very tasty caramel slice this year and I’ll leave out a slice for you along with a can or two of something to help you though the night.

Hope your trip this year is successful, stay safe and I look forward to Christmas morning.



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5 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 20th December –Letter to Santa

  1. Nice childhood Christmas moment

  2. Sadje says:

    Haha! It’s never their fault. Cute letter.

  3. Wonderful. Thank you for bringing a chuckle this morning! And Happy Solstice

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