Sunday Writing Prompt – 22nd November – Tormented


Ripped, torn, left for dead.

Abandoned, then when hope vanished

Despair raised its ugly head.

A simple man living a simple life

Nothing of note about him.

They came in the dead of night,

No questions, just took him.

The room was bare, darkness overwhelmed

All sense of who and where he was.

When the darkness went away

The light was if it was an eternity.

Then the music played, Joe Cocker

With a little help from my friends, endlessly.

The irony was obvious, the desolation real

The room had no bed, no place to rest.

They made him walk, in circles,

Kept saying just one more lap.

In the darkness he felt safe, a familiar place

He shut his eyes just for a second.

The torment continued, day and night

He couldn’t tell one from the other.

Finally he was broken, flesh and blood

Existing only, he knew not why.

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8 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 22nd November – Tormented

  1. Very powerful writing. Deep images, well penned.🙏

  2. Jules says:

    Sometimes it seems as if we are all in that same space, and yet I would like to think we have some inner strength that will help us to overcome the dread.

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