Sunday Writing Prompt – 11th October – A Change of Season – It Feels Like Spring

It feels like spring said one to the other.

It looks like spring said the other.

It’s going to get hot today.

I was getting used to winter.

Yeah, all that cold, jumpers and fires,

Snuggling up, under a rug, I enjoyed that time.

Now we have to prepare for warmer days.

Put away our winter clothes get out our summer ones

It feels like only yesterday I put them away.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Well T-shirts, shorts and sandals, are all we need

Short-sleeved shirts and thin cotton socks

I’ll pull down the bags we packed them away in.

I hope its not stinking hot like last summer.

Those bushfires were catastrophic

So many lives lost, homes destroyed

I feel quite scared

Me too.

I read it going to be a wetter summer

Maybe that will dampen the fire season

Best rake up all the leaves, mow the lawns

Clean out the gutters, just in case.

There’s so much do with the change of season

Preparations and change of attitude

Daylight saving and long, languid evenings

Walks along the beach,

Fish and chips on the headland.

Much easier to dress for,

Less is better I always say

Then it’s Christmas, breakfast lunch and tea,

Exhausting when I think about it,

But part of the change of season.

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5 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 11th October – A Change of Season – It Feels Like Spring

  1. You have just exhausted me. But good to see it from the other other end of the season, so to speak

  2. Sadje says:

    How boring out lives would be if there wasn’t any change.

  3. Lyn says:

    At least in Winter, you can put on layers of clothes until you look like the Michelin Man 😀 But in Summer, you can only take off so many clothes and remain decent 😮 Personally, I love Autumn.

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