Crimson’s Creative Challenge #99 – On The Buses

Crisp, my aged companion and I used the bus a lot on our travels. Once we got the hang of them, they provided us with a safe and reliable way of getting around the countryside.

“So different from when we were kids, though. No rock hard seats these days,” said Crisp settling back into the plush leather.

“I was always glad to get off the old rattlers,” I added.

“There used to be an old double-decker come past the farm of a Saturday morning and take us into town. We kids loved climbing up to the top deck and watching the world go by from a height.”

“Nowadays, you feel so comfortable you don’t want to get off.”

“Now then,” said Crisp consulting her tour guide, “it’s a means to an end. Now the Toilet Flushers Field Day should be on just around this corner.”

“Already, I was feeling sucked in.”

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4 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #99 – On The Buses

  1. Sadje says:

    Good take Michael

  2. Personally, I love bus travel. You really can see the landscape from that upper deck… when it’s not raining and the windows steamed

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