What do you see # 46 – 7 September 2020 – Lost Within Her

 It was one of those nights where after a disagreement that wasn’t resolved she had gone off to bed, slammed the door and told me to go and sleep elsewhere.

I was hurt one because I had disappointed her and secondly because we had argued.

It had been over a trivial issue one of those she took umbrage at and told me she felt insulted by her behaviour. There had followed a ‘discussion’ in which I tried to argue my justification and her recounting how hurt my comment had left her.

Sometimes I told myself it was best to let things go and hope that in the morning, we could once again connect and sort each other out. Remorse, I had expressed, and she knew I was sorry for what I had done.

Around midnight and still awake, I went to look in on her.

Her body was spread across the bed, her breathing steady, and I looked at her naked form on the bed.

I was overcome with desire when I saw her there, the lines of her body reminding me I had long loved her and I was lost within her. Not just her beautiful body but her whole person.

Written for: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/09/07/what-do-you-see-46-7-september-2020/

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11 Responses to What do you see # 46 – 7 September 2020 – Lost Within Her

  1. That is so beautiful. Pure love

  2. lbeth1950 says:

    But..was she still mad?

  3. Sadje says:

    A beautiful story Michael. Love is never deterred by petty arguments. Thanks for joining in the challenge

  4. Chris Hall says:

    Never go to be on an argument… but love wins through. 🙂

  5. Chris Hall says:

    Oops… ‘bed’ not ‘be’ 😉

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