Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th August – Discovery – Cedars of Lebanon.

 I wasn’t sure if it was a discovery or something I’d not seen before despite it staring me in the face all these years.

It’s odd how that happens. You take so much for granted you fail to notice it even when you’re standing in front of it.

We’d been going to the park for years and walked under the magnificent trees hardly ever giving them a thought.

Then the last time one of us remarked how impressive they were.

Their canopy spread across the picnic area, their trunks strong and gnarled by the forces of nature.

We remarked how impressive they were then argued as to what type of tree they were.

A little way off the park ranger was chatting to some campers, and we thought if anyone would know what they were, he would.

“They are a species of pine,” he said. “They are over 180 years old.”

Their age surprised me, but they did look like they had been there a long time.

That surprised us as the leaves didn’t look pine-like but we resolved to go home and get Google on the search.

Google told me later that they were classed as Cedars of Lebanon, a unique variety of pine though we were still unsure as the leaves told us a different story, but then again, the tree had lived a long time and maybe as they were from a Mediterranean climate they had evolved over time to acclimatise to the local climate.

The discovery of their beauty and majesty was something we promised ourselves we would no long take for granted.

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9 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th August – Discovery – Cedars of Lebanon.

  1. Sadje says:

    Very interesting discovery.

  2. ellenbest24 says:

    You were braver than I. I would never sit beneath a cedar of Lebanon having watched one shed a huge limb that crashed to the ground impailing large splintered sections like spears into the earth. Apparently not an anomaly, more an expectation. A beautiful tree just not for sitting beneath.

  3. Of all the pines, Cedar is the best. Majestic. The king.

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