Reena’s Exploration Challenge #150 – Illusions

Everyone in the street is doing their bit. At least I think they are.

We are all staying at home. We are limiting our going out to the necessary times, and when we do, we say we are wearing our masks to protect each other and ourselves.

Though the other day I ventured to the shopping centre to go to the supermarket and thinking I needed to be doing to right thing in wearing a mask as the people in charge of everyday life were now telling us, mask-wearing was considered a necessary step. But I seemed to be the lone wearer.

Maybe I thought I heard about the mask-wearing as not many people in the shopping centre were wearing them.

Now admittedly masks are not the most comfortable of things to wear, but I thought in light of public safety we should all be doing our bit.

And then I got to thinking that most of us consider the terrible things in life as happening to other people. Yes, the virus is real, but it doesn’t infect people like us so we feel we can go about our daily lives with some sense of illusionary immunity.

But I read an article written by an ICU nurse about what happens when you get so ill you end up on a ventilator and that knowledge scared the life out of me. 

So despite what I see going on around me, I’ve embraced the ‘illusion’ of safety first, for my sake and yours.

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11 Responses to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #150 – Illusions

  1. rugby843 says:

    I agree.  It’s hard to believe the stupidity of not wearing a mask.

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  2. It will pass. And the majority will survive. We must remember that.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks. I’m hoping to be in the majority 😀

      • Me too. But our previously isolated town has received its onslaught of holidaymakers from the virus hotspots, and now some of those residents who work towards outh of the county are in self-isolation cos of an outbreak at their factory. Suddenly this town isn’t feeling so safe.

  3. Reena Saxena says:

    I see people with a mask hinged on their ears, but pulled down on some excuse of eating or drinking, and then it remains so. We are not really sure what is right or wrong, as new theories are propounded every day. But as you say, better safe than sorry. Why leave a doubt to beat ourselves with guilt later?

  4. Reena Saxena says:

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    Illusions …. by Michael

  5. I don’t know what’s up with people who don’t wear masks. Either they don’t realise how bad corona could be.. Or they do and they just don’t care! They’re many who have a mask but don’t wear it properly!

  6. Lyn says:

    I don’t go anywhere without my mask and a small bottle of hand sanitiser. Sure, wearing glasses with a mask means your glasses are always fogging up, but the alternative is so much worse.

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