Tale Weaver – #288 – Fairy Tale – The Unpleasant Fairy – August 13th – George

George was a most unpleasant fairy. Fate had dealt her a dreadful blow. She had been lumbered with a name she hated and was forever jealous of every other fairy she knew. It was no doubt why she was unpleasant to each and every one she came across.

Around her were fairies with names like Willow Stream Wonder, Starlight Brook Feather and her ‘best ‘friend, if you could call someone named, Cauliflower Peasblossom Sun a ‘best ‘friend.

It was all her mother’s fault, or more as her mother, Arthur, pointed out, a family tradition of being different to everyone else.

Her Grandmother had been Humph Broom Hildasome and her Grandfather Dum De Dum Hero.

George’s father, Dur Dur Derrio was as unpleasant as they come and it was not surprising growing up in such a household had created George in their likeness.

Her unpleasantness had begun in childhood when sent to Fairy School and her teacher, Miss Eloquent Poem Nettle, had tried her best to get George to play with the other Fairy children. George always wanted to go first, would cry when she didn’t get her own way and played far too aggressively for the other Fairies.

Letters were sent home and met with deaf ears as George’s parents wouldn’t hear a bad word said about their daughter.

As a result, she never received an invitation to the numerous birthday parties held among her classmates and this only added to her unpleasantness.

Her parents grew more and more proud of their unpleasant daughter and began the search for a suitable life partner for her. It wasn’t easy as most fairies were peaceful, fun-loving and contented beings.

But they did find one in Dirge Dreadful Dogface, a thoroughly disagreeable fairy who lived on the edge of town with his equally disagreeable family.

George was over the moon at the prospect of marrying and a lavish wedding was planned with only family attending as none of the invitees bothered to reply.

George and Dirge stood at the alter as the Reverend Fairy Good News asked if anyone saw impediment to George and Dirge becoming fairy and wife.

There was a chorus of objections followed by an equally loud chorus of “let them get on with it, it’s the best either of them can hope for, let’s hope its years of unpleasantness” all followed by three cheers for the parents having rid themselves of their unpleasant offspring.

George and Dirge loved being married. They were at each other’s throats day and night and within a year a new Unpleasant Fairy arrived named, Ugly Gross Lightning.

It was a great cause for celebration, George was showered with gifts, each more unpleasant than the last. She loved the whole occasion, and found a sense of belonging in the fairy world.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/08/13/tale-weaver-288-fairy-tale-the-unpleasant-fairy-august-13th/

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11 Responses to Tale Weaver – #288 – Fairy Tale – The Unpleasant Fairy – August 13th – George

  1. Sadje says:

    What a fantastic story Michael.

  2. Haha, Michael. I loved this one. I loved the creative names that you have cooked up

  3. Nima Mohan says:

    What a story Michael !!
    And the fairy names were too good !!

  4. Lyn says:

    Michael, you never fail to amaze me with your inventive fairy names 😀 George and Dirge could raise a whole fairy army on their own and with such unpleasantness, wipe out even ogres and trolls – should they so desire.

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