Thursday photo prompt: Worn #writephoto – Stairs.

“Here we are,” I announced, “the steps to the last medieval temple left standing. See how worn they are. Tells us how important this place is.”

“Well I’m worn out I know that,” she replied. “This was supposed to be a leisurely holiday viewing the ancient ruins of the country but no one said each one of them was up a confounded flight of stairs.”

“All part of the adventure,” I said, “Look this is the last one for the day, come on you won’t regret it I know you won’t.”

With great reluctance she took a step forward and with head down began trudging up the stairs mumbling to herself something I was glad was inaudible. Eventually after a lot of whining and moaning we reached the top.

“Well look at that,” I exclaimed.

“I’m looking,” she wailed. “It looks just like the four other sites we looked at today.”

“But this one dates from 63BC. Think how old that is!”

“Right now, I’m so stuffed I couldn’t give a rats arse how old it is as I’m feeling even older than that. On top of that I can’t feel my feet and that can’t be a good thing.”

“Oh, come on we are on a twelve day holiday and it’s only day two!”

She looked at me with one of those looks that suggested I had best shut up and lead the way home. So off we went with her hobbling down the stairs and once again mumbling about whose bright idea this whole holiday thing was.



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13 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Worn #writephoto – Stairs.

  1. jenanita01 says:

    Oh boy, this sounds so familiar!

  2. Sadje says:

    I think they overdid the sightseeing a bit. 😂

  3. Sue Vincent says:

    Oh dear… a bit of compromise may be called for 😉

  4. Lyn says:

    Poor girl, I feel her pain, but exploring can be fun.

  5. Took me right back to when I visited Machu Picchu. I’ve never seen so many steps! Worth it though. A refreshingly different take on the photo.

    My story!

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