Sunday Writing Prompt – Ode – 12th July – Ode To Crap

You are everywhere,

We produce tons of you

Both physically and literally.

You exist by the bucketful

A much maligned part of life

We are all responsible there’s no shirking that.

Sometimes my words reflect you clearly

You are easily spotted,

 A brown stain you leave in your wake.

There are days when I feel crap,

And it’s unfair to relate

When it’s my fault, not yours.

It’s not your responsibility that society

Has labelled you in such a derogative way

When you are only what nature intended.

I imagine you’ve an inferiority complex

The result of generations of bad press

After all who ever heard of good crap?

As you are a necessary bodily function

I am sympathetic, I want to reach out

Comfort you, show you I care.

Of course as you and I both know

Others have their own perceptions of you

After all my crap doesn’t stink!!

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10 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – Ode – 12th July – Ode To Crap

  1. Sadje says:

    Haha! What a subject for your ode!

  2. But why should human crap be disdained while horses is valued to put on the roses?

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