Photo Challenge #321 – A Leaf Stuck on a Boot.

 It didn’t seem a big deal at first.

Wet day. Wet leaf stuck to boot.

Happens all the time, doesn’t it?

I was oblivious to it happening at the time.

I splashed through a few puddles not thinking about anything sticking to my boot, more about my socks getting wet. I dislike wearing wet socks.

I noticed the leaf when I retired for the night and took my boot off.

It was stuck on the tread, just stuck like a wet leaf would be stuck, if you could imagine such a thing.

The next morning I observed it had grown.

Impossible I thought.

But there it was.


By lunch it was beginning to cover my uppers.

It was well and truly attached to the leather.

I noticed a scratching on my foot and found a root protruding through the upper leather and into the boot.

The leaf was taking over.

I told myself I was clearly stuck in the midst of a nightmare.

I tried pruning the growth.

I read up on bonsai.

By dinner time it had taking over al by boot, there was nowhere for my foot to go.

As it was my good boots were being taken over I began thinking of the expenditure of buying a new pair.

It had been a tough month, now an expense I had not anticipated.

By the next morning my boot had all but disappeared into the foliage leaving my other boot looking somewhat forlorn, to say the least.

I sat the two boots together, one looking as a boot should look, the other more a miniature rain forest by the next morning.

Eventually, what was once a boot and was now emerging, as it’s own forest, was moved to the garden where it continued to thrive, and only last week produced the most exquisite fruit. Sweet and tasty with just the slightest hint of leather.

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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #321 – A Leaf Stuck on a Boot.

  1. love it.. fun… I mean, wow, horror, what a nightmare!

  2. Oh Michael, this was terrific, and I love the line ‘I read up on bonsai’. That really made me laugh. 🙂

  3. Sadje says:

    I love this story. It’s fantastic

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