Sunday Writing Prompt “Guardian”

Cyril Rum, angel on sabbatical, was just finishing his morning meditation when there was a serious knock on his door.

He didn’t like having his meditation disturbed and was irritated that it had been so.

At his front door he found his neighbour, Mildred Thrupp, looking agitated and clearly upset.

Mildred was the only earthly person Cyril considered a friend and in the time he had lived next door to her she had proved to be a great source of education about the human condition.

They had enjoyed long conversations in his back yard over a cuppa or two. Cyril has revealed his angelic state to her, in all confidence, and Mildred found that once away from Cyril she kept reminding herself that there was something she wanted to tell her girlfriends but could never remember what it was.

Upon asking the reason for Mildred’s agitated state she gushed out the reason.

She has received a letter from a land developer wanting to buy her house, as they wanted to build a high rise. Mildred was feeling highly pressured. She liked living where she did. She also knew other people in the street has received similar letters.

“I need a guardian angel Cyril, are you one of those?” she asked.

“Well no,” replied Cyril, “ guardian angels are specialist angels trained in the art of being a guardian angel. It’s not a job for everyone you know,” he added.

“But what am I going to do, they want to take my house and I’m surprised they haven’t pressured you too.”

“Well you see they can’t pressure me. For one thing I don’t really exist to them. They don’t see me, if I choose for them not to.”

“They are threatening to bring in the bulldozers next week. Their ultimatum is move out or we’ll cart you out.”

By now Mildred had worked her way into quite a frenzy.

“I don’t want to move away from you Cyril. Where would I go?”

“I don’t think you have much to worry about,” said Cyril and Mildred noticed a spark in his eye, one she had seen before when Cyril had become involved in what seemed to be an impossible situation.

The next day Mildred was visited by a company representative who told her the company was not going to require her house as they had made plans to build on vacant land on the other side of town. The man was very pleasant even remarking that she must have had a guardian angel looking out for her.

That afternoon Mildred arrived at Cyril’s door with a freshly made sponge cake to say thanks and share some quality time with her angelic friend.

“I visited the boss of the company,” said Cyril accepting a second slice of Mildred’s cake, “and made a few well thought out suggestions about building a high rise in this street. I’m glad he agreed with me.”

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16 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Guardian”

  1. Sadje says:

    A nice story from your angelic friend Michael.

  2. Always handy to have an angel for a neighbour

  3. Such a heartwarming story. Having an angelic neighbour does have its own perks!

  4. Glad to know Cyril and Mildred are alive and well……….. well, you know what I mean!

  5. Wonderful story happy to see what Cyril and Mildred are up too

  6. Lyn says:

    Always enjoy your Cyril stories, Michael 😀

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