Thursday photo prompt: Bells #writephoto – Bell Birds

Can you hear them?

As we travel through the bush, stop, listen, they’re up there.

Bell birds.

The tinkling is unique.

It’s their way of communicating and what a magical sound it is.

There’s silence among us, we strain to hear,

Through the wind moving the leaves, the sway of the branches

The silence is broken by the twinkling

At first above us then from every direction

We are mesmerised,

We look at each other, our grins huge

Wow, who’d have expected such a melodious ringing?

I’ve carried them with me,

As I move through every forest,

I long for the uplifting bells to come tinkling through the canopy.



The Australian Bell Miner


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7 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Bells #writephoto – Bell Birds

  1. Sadje says:

    You have taken a very welcome, different tangent on this photo.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    I had to look them up. Lovely little birds.

  3. Wow, I thought at first this was to be a fairy tale. Bell birds. Wow

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