Sunday Writing Prompt “Diner” – Hell’s Kitchen


When it came eternity, there was only one eatery worth talking about, Hell’s Kitchen.

Located inside the gates of Hell and run by a very large soul called Bruno, the Kitchen served the most delicious food. In particular, it was famous for being the only place in eternity you could get decent sushi.

Bruno had lived an interesting life as a florist. It seemed unlikely that a man such as Bruno would possess culinary skills like he did but as he said on more than one occasion: “It’s amazing what you pick up dealing flowers and stuff.” By ‘stuff’ it was known he learned his trade growing a variety of plants and fungi that resulted in many a lost evening in one way or another.

Today the Kitchen was humming as it always did. For many of Hell’s inhabitants, the kitchen provided a short break from the endless repetition that was all things Hell. Admittedly Bruno was tarred with the same brush, for his menu was the same, day in and out but that never bothered his customers as everything tasted more delicious than anyone imaged and after the day most of them had the Kitchen was respite like no other.

The unique aspect of Hell’s Kitchen was that it attracted both dark angels from Hell and a few white feathery angels from upstairs, so to speak.

It took a bit of convincing for a heavenly angel to gain admittance, but as it was well known, where there was a will, there was a way, even if angelic deities didn’t really have wills as such.

For most heavenly entities, there was a sure-fire way to gain entry, (no pun intended). Heaven was the only place you could get a decent ham sandwich, and no matter how hard Bruno tried, and as simple as the whole process appeared to be, he was unable to make a sandwich like they did in Heaven. So, any angel wanting to eat in the Kitchen, and usually Bruno’s sushi, they would arrive at Hell’s Kitchen with a ham sandwich wrapped in a brown paper bag, present it to the doorman and gain entry.

The angels when eating in the Kitchen were usually placed in a back corner as they had a nasty habit of emitting a light so bring it took all the fun away from the locals enjoying their chosen repast.

Bruno was busy preparing his fiftieth sushi for the day, Dolores, his waitress, was waiting tables, floating from one to another, leaving a trail of ash where ever she went. Ralph his drinks man was concentrating on his drinks counter, getting it wrong more often than not but such was his reputation the worse it tasted, the more challenging, and his customers, after another rough day looked forward to any sort of challenge.

Bruno was on his third ham sandwich when there was a commotion among the cess-pit cleaners. They were often at each other throats, never happy and always smelling foul. As there was no waste in eternity, Bruno wondered how and where their work place was, but somethings he figured weren’t the trouble of asking about. They were an obnoxious bunch of riff-raff, for obvious reasons.

All and any disputes were settled quickly by Bruno, you could easily be banned from the Kitchen, or made to eat what you didn’t order.

With order restored, Bruno went back to what he did best, munch on a ham sandwich and roll some more sushi.


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2 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Diner” – Hell’s Kitchen

  1. I love the ideas of angels using ham sandwiches to gain admittance into Hell’s Kitchen!

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