Three Things Challenge #172 – The Sticky Key



Sometimes it was difficult to place just where the key fitted. After all, it was sticky with honey, the bees having incorporated it into the place of residence, and for the most par,t the honey was enriched by the magical qualities of the key.

Added to that if you could extract it, and attempt to clean the key by licking off the honey, you felt a warmth within you that could at best be only described.

Maybe that was why my grandfather called his place, ‘The Sticky Key’, and sold honey from the hives at prices only the rich could afford.


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9 Responses to Three Things Challenge #172 – The Sticky Key

  1. Hi Michael. Thanks for joining in today. I hope Grandpa made his fortune. 🙂

  2. Sadje says:

    Magical honey and key. Great story

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