Sunday Writing Prompt “Tarot Reading” – Can It Be True?


The reading had not gone as I anticipated. I had gone along to find out my future.

Instead, there seemed to be an inordinate amount of tsking and shaking of the reader’s head. This combined with exclamations such as ‘Oh dear’. ‘I wouldn’t have thought that’ and ‘that’s a bit of a surprise’ didn’t add anything to my experience.

I always thought of myself as an average sort of guy. I didn’t stand out in any way, I was never going to win marathons or climb high mountains, let alone discover a cure for cancer. I was a plain and simple man who thought having a reading done would settle the argument I’d been having with my partner that it was all a load of codswallop.

The reader was a smallish woman of indeterminate height. Sitting opposite her, I watched as she shuffled the cards and looked at me saying nothing. This didn’t do anything for my comfort levels. I expected some interaction, but there was none forthcoming.

Right from her laying out the first card and watching her eyebrows rise, I knew there would be some issue.

I had wondered if she would tell me if I’d be rich, successful in business and or relationship.

After several cards had been laid out on the table, she asked me if I had insurance. “Pardon?” I asked.

“Do you have insurance, you know, life insurance, health insurance?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, don’t let them lapse.”

There continued another period of uncomfortable silence, and she laid out another card and jumped back, uttering a small squeal and then burrowing her head in her hands.

“The cards say you won’t be rich, neither will you be successful. All a bit disappointing, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t help but feel my anger rising, as I thought this was such a waste of my time. It wasn’t entertaining in any way; in fact, it was more depressive than anything else.

“Don’t go,” she said as if anticipating my next move, “there’s something you should know.”

I sat waiting.

Again it seemed the wait was longer than it needed to be.

“You are an ordinary man, aren’t you? You are one of those people who fill up the spaces between the rich and powerful. I can see you working beyond retirement because you won’t know what to do with yourself. You’ll have several relationships, but none of them will bring you happiness so you should resign yourself to a solitary life.”

She looked at me and then gathered up the cards. “I’ve never had anyone so ordinary sit before me. Good luck with everything.”

I left feeling despondent and then had to spend the rest of the day listening to my partner tell me of her future, full of hope, promise and potential.



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11 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Tarot Reading” – Can It Be True?

  1. Sadje says:

    Wonderfully told story. I guess she had to say something, when she had nothing to say. But no one is ordinary. We all have at least one thing that is different and special.

  2. I’ve had my palm read twice (interesting in hindsight) but never a tarot reading.

    • Michael says:

      I had one done once the reader told me about my daughter having future marriage problems and she was right

      • I was told I would die young in the first, then in the second have a serious illness in my thirties (breakdown). I would have one happy union (must be Hubby though they wouldn’t have known that) and one son, but not necessarily married to the father. I asked if the husband at the time was the father of my baby and they didn’t answer. No kids, but I did foster, so more than one.

  3. I agree with Sadje no one is ordinary and certainly not you, you have an extraordinary gift for story-telling. I have never had a proper tarot reading. Just the ones I have done myself and the free ones online.

  4. Obviously the reader didn’t know her cards, for I’d swear you’re anything but ordinary!

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