Photo Challenge #302 – Dreams and being Lost.


Image: Shichigoro Shingo

I’m leaving school heading home, a path I have taken a hundred or more times.

Today I’m confused, the road I take leads me nowhere, I’m in a place I don’t recognise, and every turn confuses me further.

I stop and ask for direction, and I’m given some which sound easy, but when I follow them once again, I am nowhere.

I know if I reach the train station I’ll be safe, as the train will take me home.

I arrive at the station only to find I’m at a place I don’t recognise. People tell me there is a train in a few minutes. It arrives, and I clamber on, grateful to finally have found a way home.

The train travels along an unknown path and eventually stops at a station I don’t recognise.

The people all get off, and I realise this train will now reverse back to where it came from, that it only operates on this particular piece of railway.

I find myself back where I started, no closer to home and no way knowing what I might now do.


I awake wondering what does all this mean? I have had this dream a lot, what is my mind trying to say to me?

I am well over my working days, I don’t harbour any ambition to go back there, but maybe in my sub-consciousness, there is unfinished business, and it keeps dragging me back. The theme of the dream of being lost is re-occurring, always in a different location, sometimes with people I know, sometimes with people, I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

The alternative view could be its about not knowing where home is?

That in itself does make some sense to me as when my marriage ended, I did feel very disorientated, lost you might say.



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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #302 – Dreams and being Lost.

  1. Sadje says:

    A journey into the maze, giving a message to find your true purpose in life, maybe!

  2. Or maybe you’re feeling you’ve lost your sense of direction, with not working now. For a man, his job tends to be his prime focus.

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