Photo Challenge #300 – ‘Right’ Places.


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That was the image she portrayed.

A living cliché.

She sought out every behaviour

To enhance the image, she had of herself.

Watched porn to learn to be a lover,

Was devoted to fashion

Copied all and everyone she thought to her advantage.

Made sure she was seen at all the ‘right’ places

Even with the ‘right’ people,

Practised saying the ‘right’ things.

It was all about pretence

For under it lay the scared little girl

With so many secrets

Best hidden for then she felt safe.

With so much time spent on being ‘right.’

It puzzled her how so often

She went home alone,

Her ‘friends’ turning their backs,

Leaving her in her ‘coolness’.


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11 Responses to Photo Challenge #300 – ‘Right’ Places.

  1. Sad in a way Michael, someone misunderstood who people don’t want to get to know better. Or at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it.

  2. Methinks she’d have done better to be true to herself. So perhaps she’d still be shunned, but better the truth and the lies.

  3. Such a sad existence…well portrayed

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