Sunday Writing Prompt “Magical Garden”


Miss Marble at 46 Grimace Street had a secret and magical garden. Not many knew of it as it was largely so small it went unnoticed.

But to Miss Marble, a witch and a good one at that, the garden was important.

It was looked after by an equally small group of beings called Nuets, who took great care to manage the garden. The garden was home to an array of exotic and not so exotic plants and one, in particular, a nettle Miss Marble used to concoct her courage potions.

The garden was also inhabited by a unique beast known as a Tranx. The Tranx was a herbivore and feasted on the nettle. They were not the most attractive beasts but were essential to the smooth running of the garden. After all, Tranx manure was invaluable to the garden.

Most of the inhabitants of Grimace Street were unaware of the garden, and Miss Marble liked it that way. Though she did have to contend with Paul from 15 Grimace Street standing cap in hand at her front door to tell Miss Marble that his wife Mary had gone missing again. Poor Mary was having trouble with her memory, and even though Miss Marble had given Paul a potion to help her with her memory more often than not, Mary forgot to take it.

Miss Marble knew where Mary was as she’d taken a liking to the garden and the Nuet’s understanding of Mary’s situation would take her in and watch over her until she could be rescued. Miss Marble would find her sitting around a Nuet campfire listening to them sing, the Nuet were fabulous singers by the way. Though the Nuet were always glad to see the back of Mary as she had in their words, the worst singing voice they’d ever encountered. Miss Marble would bring her back to the worrying Paul with a new vial of potion and strict instructions on how to administer it by putting it in Mary’s tea.

The garden flourished and at night when there was a full moon, the garden had a glitter about it as if you were staring into the skies and observing the myriad of stars.

Miss Marble never grew tired of her garden.



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14 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Magical Garden”

  1. What would we do without Miss Marble?

  2. Sadje says:

    An ideal garden for a witch, complete with magical creatures and plants.
    Great story Michael.

  3. Such a magical garden…. 🙂

  4. A beautiful garden indeed! I really like the Nuet and Tranx would love to learn more about them =)

  5. Lovely as always where Miss Marble is concerned Michael

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