Tale Weaver #253 – Magic Castle – Fairy Tale – 12/12. – The Magic Potion Contest – Part 3


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The two weeks passed rapidly and before anyone knew it the big night arrived. This was the first time the two castles had been pitted against each other, and so interest was high as to what each set of crones would produce.

The Pointy Creek Castle under the leadership of Augustus Flung gathered to the right of the stage. The Blunt Creek Castle group to the left.

Augustus was particularly proud of his crones, as they had gone all out to look the part, as reluctant their head crone Whatsit was to be there. They wore long flowing red gowns with silver sequins and hats that suggested a medieval fashion. Each was appropriately hunched with their humps accentuated by a gold star.

The crones of Blunt Creek, led by Adolphus Twirt, took fashion very seriously and wore grey pin strip suits each with a spectacularly colourful cravat. They certainly stood out, and their confidence and arrogance were obvious.

The meeting was soon called to order and the chairperson; Adeline Cark called on the Pointy Creek crones to demonstrate the potion they had made.

Their spokescrone was Wherefore who assisted by Howso outlined their potion and what they claimed it would do. The Personality Plus potion would transform the shyest person into a confident and well-rounded articulate person. They did point out the tests they had done on Eh, and she came forward gushing the benefits of the potion and how it had changed her life.

After much discussion, Mrs Ethel Smirk came forward. Mrs Smirk was a small nervous woman, mother of two small boys and a woman known in the community as very quiet and reticent.

The crowd was hushed as Mrs Smirk was given a teaspoon of the potion. She sat with her eyes closed, there were several seconds of silence before she opened her eyes, looked about and in a voice not heard before from Mrs Smirk went into a lengthy discussion about the benefits of the bee industry in the community.

The crowd sat stunned as Mrs Smirk, usually, a taciturn woman, waxed lyrically on every subject offered to her. Her manner was relaxed and entertaining, and it clear to all and sundry the potion was a success.

Next were the crones of Blunt Creek were called to demonstrate their potion, The Distracting Potion. All three, Tom, Dick and Harry came forward with Phil their experimental subject and explained the potion they had developed. When called upon, Phil told the gathering that he had ploughed the south paddock and expected a bumper crop of potatoes that year. He scoffed at any suggestion he was in any way interested in spending an afternoon with Dark Alice.

A volunteer was called for and one Fingal O’Toole who had a lot to say about the male crones of Blunt Creek and who on more than one occasion had promised harm to them if he saw them in the street. He was more than willing to come forward and show for the Blunt Creek crones as the charlatans he believed they were.

Again a teaspoon was administered, and the hushed room awaited the results on Fingal.

From Fingal’s mouth and his finest Irish accent, he informed the crowd that: “Niver in all my years have I come across three finer gentlemen that the crones of Blunt Creek. These lads are pillars of society, and example to us all and we should be proud to have them living amongst us.”

Fingal had always been a man with a grudge against most of his neighbours but when their names were mentioned he became effusive with praise for each and every one.

Adeline then called the gathering to order and asked the crowd for a show of hands as to which Castle was going to be given the title of most magical.

It was close, the counting was done twice, but the outcome was the Blunt Creek Castle won with seven votes more than the Pointy Creek Castle.

Such was the success of the day and the closeness of the competition it was decided to make it an annual event much to the disappointment of Whatsit who stamped her foot and scowled darker than ever. Wherefore and Howso, on the other hand, had already put their heads together to plan their next potion.

For the Blunt Creek Castle, it was a time of celebration and renewed interest in their form of magic. Things were looking up all round.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/12/12/tale-weaver-253-magic-castle-fairy-tale-12-12/

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17 Responses to Tale Weaver #253 – Magic Castle – Fairy Tale – 12/12. – The Magic Potion Contest – Part 3

  1. Reena Saxena says:

    Interesting! Moving on to Part 2…

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    I was reading it the wrong way. Await Part 4 now…

  3. I do admire the volumes of incidental detail you pack into your stories, product of a fertile imagination. Excellent. And I’m so pleased the gents won the day 🙂

  4. Sadje says:

    Another cool story.

  5. Jules says:

    I enjoyed this three part series. Maybe next year the crones will be build some magical turrets?

  6. Lyn says:

    Another awesome episode, Michael. Perhaps we could get the crones to prepare a potion for our politicians – Lord knows they could all do with a bit of smartening up! 😀

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