Thursday photo prompt: Shimmer #writephoto


The old fisherman sat in the back of his boat feeling the familiar and comforting sensation of the craft rolling in the gentle swell.

It was late in the day and with the sun setting and drifting behind a cloudbank he could see and appreciate the simmer it created on the water.

How lucky he was he thought to be able to sit and take all this in.

A glance at his watch told him he was soon to be needed at home as his sister Kate would have the evening meal ready and she didn’t like him wandering in past the agreed mealtime.

He could just see her shimmering around the kitchen lost in her world of potatoes, peas and fried fish, the same menu he’d been stuck with since she came to stay with him five years ago under the guise of her thinking he needed to be looked after.

But he’d wait a little longer. Whilst ever there was a shimmer still on the water he wanted to soak it all in as tomorrow there was no telling if the weather would be as kind as it was today.

So he did just that, watched it fade and disappear before rowing his boat into shore and heading up the hill to his shimmering sister Kate.


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9 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Shimmer #writephoto

  1. Sadje says:

    I like your story. It has a feel of loneliness yet is not sad.

  2. I sense a serenity here; at peace.

  3. Violet Lentz says:

    Contentment. A feeling best left undisturbed. Glad he stayed.

  4. Lyn says:

    Violet said it best… “Contentment. A feeling best left undisturbed.” 🙂

  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Love the sense of calm solitude you have caught here, Michael.

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