Photo Challenge # 288 – Triggers


There again, the tremors begin


The haunting lyrics running in her head

Take her back

Locked in the room

Bread and water lights out

Darkness surrounding,

The sense of someone sitting near

The need for silence when the noises echoed

The cry for sound when the silence was overwhelming.

It all comes back.

She stands in front

Knowing she’ll never enter again

The horrors of a hotel,

The clang of chains,

The footsteps in the corridor,

The door bursting open

The man with the dog.

Closing the door, he says

“You can check out anytime you want

But you can never leave.” *


  • Hotel California – The Eagles.


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9 Responses to Photo Challenge # 288 – Triggers

  1. Sadje says:

    Great take on the photo.

  2. Some nasty hotel, that. Methinks *hotel* is more of a euphemism.

  3. Lyn says:

    There’s definitely something creepy about that place.

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