Photo Challenge # 286 – The Meteorite.


Image: Google images


That’s what it was

The night the heavens lit up.

Some claimed it was the end of the world

They fell to their knees

Urging everyone to follow.

Others saw it for what it was

The arrival of a meteorite

It’s entry probably more impressive than it intended.

The whole show lasted a good ten minutes

Plenty of time in which to generate

Fear, apprehension, loathing,

Lots of “I told you so.”

Then it was over and that’s when the speculation began

Would there be another?

Was it the first of many?

What if the next one exploded over the town?

The town sage, in a fit of wisdom only he could generate

Suggested we love one another

And be content with what fate had in store for us.

Seemed like a reasonable idea at the time

As we settled in to await the next arrival.


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6 Responses to Photo Challenge # 286 – The Meteorite.

  1. Sadje says:

    He did have good advice. But was there another one?

  2. I read and I smile. Yea. Harmless. Except maybe one day it won’t be. Then all the hype and the circus of recent years will seem like so much foolishness. Gosh, I’m getting philosophical tonight. Must be the cheese. 🙂

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