Photo Challenge #284 – A Boy and His Lego. See


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Lego, you have to love it.

The small boy with the wild and vivid imagination

Sits on the floor

He pulls out his box of Lego pieces

He starts his construction.

Piece after piece he joins

In his mind, the street begins to take shape.

There’s a shop, a grocery store,

The bootmaker and candlestick maker.

He has not long watched a TV program,

Medieval England, old buildings, old people,

Cobble-stone pathways

It’s all stored inside his head.

He crafts his town image

His mind a stickler for detail.

When his mum comes to see him

She too marvels at what he has done

Sits with him, asking questions.

He is full of answers, says he is sorry the image appears so dull

But they were dull times, colour was a luxury.

His mother views the pile of coloured pieces,

Seeing what her boy sees,

Feeling proud her son has a creative mind

Knowing that tomorrow he will once again

Go inside his mind

And invite her along.


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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #284 – A Boy and His Lego. See

  1. joem18b says:

    sometimes his older sister takes all the good pieces for her structure

    good one


  2. Lyn says:

    Love, love it, Michael. My two youngest grandsons are crazy about Lego and will play with it for hours. I’m hopeless at it, but I still play with them and let them show me how to do it better – they are 5 and 8 😀

  3. Sadje says:

    I love how imaginative children are. They do such extraordinary things and LEGO is the best way! So many possibilities.

  4. I love all *toys* that encourage the imagination and pry the child away from tv into pursuits more active and creative. An essential of childhood, absent today for many kids. And you describe it so well

  5. Isadora loves Legos too I never had them growing up might have helped my spatial awareness lol

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