Photo Challenge #282 – In the Corner


Image: Google Images

It’s there trying its best to look inconspicuous

But like the elephant in the room

It’s there, hiding in the corner.

It’s easy to look beyond it.

Around it, polite conversation goes on

Ignoring it is the best course of action

After all, acknowledging it might cause a fuss

And who wants a fuss?

The well-to-do madam takes a slight pause

An awkward moment and glances sideways

Quickly her companion, the righteous one

Diverts attention and the conversation is saved

From stalling in its own unpleasantness.

In the corner, there is a rumble

Enough to garner attention

But disregarded, unimportant

They all internally agree

And carry on, snubbing their noses,

Aware their shit doesn’t stink.

There’s a rustling in the corner, a shifting,

They hold their collective breathes

The corner settles, they are spared,

Pretending is so much more desirable.


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3 Responses to Photo Challenge #282 – In the Corner

  1. Wow, I wonder what it is that hides in that corner, the unspeakable that no one wants to acknowledge. Perhaps it’s a shared lie?

  2. Sadje says:

    A great metaphor for the state of society.

  3. Loved your take on the photo Michael!

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