Photo Challenge #280 – A Drop in the Ocean



“I’m just a drop in the ocean.”

I remember you saying it was we walked the causeway to the lighthouse.

It was our second date and you didn’t want me to get my ‘hopes up’.

It was playing down your significance in the light of future disappointment.

We are at an age where we carry our baggage around in front of us

Some of us have more than others

It’s never pretty, we tend to see it as our personal millstone.

The barriers we have to encounter in every life situation.

It doesn’t take much to trigger us,

We both know that,

It’s not about being careful, it’s about being aware.

Despite it all, you, are my drop in the ocean

I cling to that thought,

You make me laugh, you share with me,

I wonder if separate lives have space for one life.


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10 Responses to Photo Challenge #280 – A Drop in the Ocean

  1. Michael remembering again? And that baggage carried in front of us, is that our belly fat?

  2. When it comes to love, every drop counts.

  3. nightlake says:

    very practical..mature fancy words..a good poem

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