Photo Challenge #279 – Visiting the Blue Planet


Image: – Tom Blachford

It seemed a good idea

At the time.

Folklore spoke of a distant blue planet

Three suns beyond the fourth last one.

Now it was in their grasp.

One looked at the other

Sensing fame and celebrity

They descended, careful not to draw attention,

But they were observed,

News spread quickly

They soon found themselves far from alone.

Out the window were people

Some had weapons

Most looked scared

“We come in peace

We come in peace”.

But to the crude inhabitants

It sounded &$*##^(^%$@&*&(.

Cron, Rron and Fron knew they were in trouble

The first rocket hit the back

The second the front

Things were dire until

They pointed their lasers

Reduced their attackers to ash.

Alone they ventured out

Found one person who listened,

Nodded, smiled, nodded once again

Gave them a cup of tea,

Showed them a DVD player.

They watched Star Wars, grunted approval,

Went back to their spaceship

Left vowing to never return.

What seemed a good idea

Could have ended in chaos.

The person who gave them tea

Wrote down his experience

And sealing it in an envelope

Addressed it to his future self.


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11 Responses to Photo Challenge #279 – Visiting the Blue Planet

  1. Sadje says:

    Interesting story. We are not kind to our own race, what treatment can aliens expect.

  2. Much liked, on many levels, not least the touch of humour lurking here. 🙂

  3. Reena Saxena says:

    Wow! That is a gripping tale.

  4. Nice one Michael. Loved the last line.

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