Bonus Wordle “County Fair” – Apple Pie, Bluegrass Band.


This week’s words: Bluegrass  County Fair  Apple Pie  Wobbly Crinkle  Carousel Admission  Sticky  Tent  Exclaim Tractor  Blue Ribbon

The Country Fair was under way and excitement mounted.

Stalls were set up around the fairground, and there was an air of expectation within the thronging crowds.

The blue ribbon event of the fair was to be the Bluegrass festival with the headline act the world-famous Apple Pie.

This act and the playing of their bluegrass hit, ‘Sticky Wobbly Apple Pie’ was to be the highlight of the fair and well worth the price of admission.

The Bluegrass Festival tent was erected next to the carousel where children queued awaiting their turn on the famous old carousel.

A little way off there was an exclamation of bewilderment as the tractor exhibitors became involved in a rowdy affair with dairy maids as to who should present first in the fair parade as both in honour of the main attraction had made a huge apple pie to mark the occasion.

The Tractor exhibitors had put together a pie complete with crinkles and the dairy maids a pie that wobbled like you wouldn’t believe.

It was decided in fairness for one to lead the parade and the other to bring up the rear. That’s when the confrontation got nasty, and all ended up in a very sticky situation.

Meanwhile, the bluegrass band, Apple Pie, played and shouted everyone apple pie as their reward.



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11 Responses to Bonus Wordle “County Fair” – Apple Pie, Bluegrass Band.

  1. rugby843 says:

    Darn, now I’m craving apple pie!

  2. Apple Pie does sound nice!

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Give me the music, you can keep the food. Though I can’t say Bluegrass is a particular favourite. Good post.

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