Crimson’s Creative Post #40 – The Steps of ‘History’.


Crisp, aged companion, was convinced the steps were ancient. “Just think,” she said, “there could have been Celts, Romans and Saxons traipsing up and down these steps.”

I asked why she thought this could be the case.

She explained that if I looked closely, I would see the steps had been carved meticulously, had been there a long time and had been created to take the traveler to come site of significance.

There didn’t appear to be anything of significance that I could see but Crisp was having none of it. “Can’t you imagine warriors in past years, charging up these steps in pursuit of some enemy, a villain or a valiant knight fighting a fire breathing dragon?”

The dragon image I thought romantic but a tad far-fetched to which she agreed.

As we moved on I noticed a sign saying the steps were the work of the local Lions Club, 1998.


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13 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Post #40 – The Steps of ‘History’.

  1. Ha! Love your punchline!

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Wonderful. Good chuckle. Thank you. And that is about their age. Though not the work of the Lions, but almost certainly the local farmer, with a handout from the EU.

  3. Ah, but real life is never as interesting as a good imagination. Great twist at the end my friend.

  4. Dale says:

    Well that changes things, doesn’t it?
    Too fun!

  5. Lyn says:

    I’m with Crisp – those steps are ancient. I hope you didn’t point out her error and spoil her dreaming 🙂

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