Crimson’s Creative Challenge #38 – The Spring Trail


Following our excursion to the beach the previous week and having only just recovered from the sight of my aged companion, Crisp’s naked form along with her insistence I too strip, I was pleased and relieved when she suggested we take a morning walk along the spring trail where various tall grasses were known to flourish.

Packing our thermos and a cup each we headed off, Crisp striding ahead, as was her want.

The spring trail was easy to find and Crisp had her camera out taking plenty of shots of the beautiful tall grasses waving languidly in the morning breeze.

A little way along we found a spot to rest and poured ourselves a cuppa each, then sat and took in the scenery.

Crisp kicked off her walkers and placed her feet in among the grasses making the comment: “It’s always good to connect with nature.”


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8 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #38 – The Spring Trail

  1. crimsonprose says:

    I think Crisp enjoyed that walk. I think you enjoyed it too. And the tall grasses are reeds that grow in abundance around the Norfolk Broads. These are the seed heads

  2. Dale says:

    This was a lovely trek with you and Crisp…

  3. Pratibha says:

    That’s a lovely company and greater beauty.

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