Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36 – A Morning Cruise


My aged companion, Crisp, returned from her week away, reinvigorated and immediately took to her bed. “Big day tomorrow,” she said as she disappeared beneath the bed covers.

The morning had Crisp announcing a day cruise on the canal.

I was soon ready and following behind as she strode towards the canal.

It was to be a morning cruise with a box lunch, and Crisp was so excited she spewed forth a pile of questions to the ship’s captain.

The cruise was very relaxing, the boat drifted along, the Captain regaling us with stories of the various locations we passed and

I found myself nodding off.

A nudge in my ribs woke me to the sound of the lunches being handed out. Crisp reminded me of holiday etiquette, of not sleeping during the guides talk.

“Aye Aye,” I said as I took her rebuke on board.


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4 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36 – A Morning Cruise

  1. “Not sleeping during the guides talk”.

    This made me laugh, not always easy!

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Yea, the guide’s talk … why are they always so boring and the guide always so enthused, gabbling away. But otherwise … something of putting along on water is very restful

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