Wordle #139 – Granny Smith’s Ghost.


This week’s words: Chill Ghost Shog- to shake: to jolt: to jog along Repress Wispy Insipience- a lack of wisdom: foolishness Stutter Strike Dark Granny Smith Apples Drag Wet

The ghost of Granny Smith lingered in the chill morning over what was left of her orchard. She hadn’t always been Granny Smith that came from the infamy of being a pen pal to a service man across the sea who referred to her as his Little Apple Blossom until she sent him a photo and Granny Smith was born.

It was a wet morning as she dragged her ghostly self across the orchard repressing the anger she felt that the present owners had let the orchard go to rack and ruin.

Her pace through the dying apple trees could be best described as a shog, but you probably think that might be a tad pretentious so best to say she jolted her way along, its difficult she came to realise that when you were agitated, gliding and floating, in a ghost-like manner became hard to manage.

So her shog like gait stuttered its way along her mind thinking dark thoughts as her precious Granny Smith apples withered and fell to the earth.

She wanted to strike out and make people understand how disappointed she was at what was happening to her orchard but when you are nothing more than a wispy shadow most people thinking they saw something ghostly dismissed such a notion as a figment of their imagination.

She felt her life had been an example of her own insipient behaviour believing she was leaving a legacy when in fact she left behind apples well sought after with no thanks to the woman whose labours had developed them.

With that thought she shogged a bit more this time more of a tremor than a jolt but she didn’t care, being a ghost was a lonely business and she craved an apple if only she could eat one.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/wordle-139/

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12 Responses to Wordle #139 – Granny Smith’s Ghost.

  1. O so that’s how Granny Smith became such a legend. I especially like her glasses too

  2. Sadje says:

    Such great imagination!

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Enchanting, as all ghost stories should be (if they’re not to be horrors). And I love that word, *shog*.

  4. I do love this one Michael, the direction you went and Granny Smith. Shog is a great word =)

  5. Jules says:

    Fascinating history about Granny Smith. One often wonders how different fruits get their names.
    An enjoyable apple indeed. I read somewhere that the green/yellow skinned apples are better for you than the red skinned ones. But really the more fruit you do eat the better. I read the other day of a woman who is 99 – in her meals she does this formula for eating; one up, one down (veg), one protein and one starch.

  6. Love the legend of Granny Smith Michael. If only ghosts had teeth eh? Such a satisfying crunch.

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