Sunday Writing Prompt – Mr Allsopp’s Home Delivery Service.


Mr Allsopp was driving to his next delivery location thinking how the traffic had gotten worse over the years. He didn’t like being late as that disappointed his clients who never seemed to enjoy waiting, which he thought odd as so much of life had been about waiting.

He was always warmly greeted when he knocked on the door of a client’s home. He was ushered into the room where the person he had come to see was on their deathbed or had just died in recent hours.

Mr Allsopp’s job was to take the soul of the deceased onto the next stage. In many cases, his arrival and cordial greeting was a reflection of the relief the living felt when their loved one’s suffering in life had come to an end.

For the deceased, this was also welcomed. Release from the rigours of old age was always welcomed, the demented especially found their minds restored and suddenly felt the pangs of remorse at not being able to say farewell as they would have liked.

For Mr Allsopp, it was a job he enjoyed seeing the dead moving on to the next stage. He would extend his condolences to the family and leave holding the hand of the soul he came to gather. It was so often a confusing time for the soul to come to grips with what was happening to them. It was doubly confusing to those who believed death was eternal darkness.

He would place them in his van in which every comfort was provided for the drive to the designated meeting place where the representative of the next stage would take the soul and determine in which direction it might go.

The only problems he encountered in his job were from those who died abruptly, the healthy whose life light was suddenly extinguished as they often wanted to fight the fact their life was over when they weren’t ready to let go.

But death was death, and eternity a long time to ponder what might have been and it was way above Mr Allsopp’s pay grade to argue one way or the other.

At the meeting place he would open the back of his van and allow the soul to leave, often they would be greeted by past relatives or in some cases souls who felt they had a score to settle in the next life though the agents of the next stage seemed to put a swift end to any such ideas.

Once the soul had been deposited at the meeting place, he returned to his van and drove off, never looking back as he knew that one day he would be delivered there as well.

Back on the road, he would think how the traffic was getting worse every year as his alert summed him to another address requesting delivery.


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27 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – Mr Allsopp’s Home Delivery Service.

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    This is a very neat story Michael. It reminded me of a modern-day Charon the ferryman in Greek mythology except there’s no fee you die and move on, like it or not — money or not. And the most interesting part was that Mr Allsop wasn’t some god or eternal being of “death” but a man who knew one day he would face death to. Maybe he’ll drive himself though? That would be awkward. An interesting character.

  2. Sadje says:

    Interesting story!

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Love the update on the ancient myth that at death the soul is conveyed by one or other agent, not left to wander alone (and get into trouble). To the Greeks it was Charon; to the Persians, Mithra; to the northern tribes, the Valkyr in the guise of a swan … and on, and on. But it is charming to see the latest version. Mr Allsop. I shall have to look out for him when my time comes.

  4. Reena Saxena says:

    Mr. Allsop awaiting the same fate is an interesting add-on. This character is called Yamraj in Hinduism,has horns and arrives on a buffalo. He is supposed to be accompanied by Chitragupta, the accountant who maintains accounts of the time allocated to each soul on Earth.

  5. A good story Michael. Hopefully we won’t be seeing Mr Allsopp for a few years yet.

  6. Fandango says:

    Hi Michael. I tagged you for the next installment of Teresa’s Finish the Story blog hop. I know you’ll make a great addition.

  7. Jules says:

    There was a show in the States a few years back called “Touched by An Angel” and Death was portrayed as a very nice gentleman. I think often some religions put a fear in the belief of Death.
    But I have also seen a few movies which also portray Death and life after as just a different plain of existing. I like your Mr. Allsopp.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Jules, death is part of living and we can’t escape it so I think giving it a more appealing character can’t help, I’m sure it doesn’t mind.

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