What do you See? June 11/2019 – The Faceless Saint.


The Church of Saint Faceless in the town of Thud served as a reminder of the past of a time when things weren’t always as good as they are today.

Saint Faceless, patron saint of the Miserably Poor, was born Cedric of the Royal House of Thud not to be confused with the nearby Royal House of Thump.

Cedric had been blessed with privilege and basked daily in all that his life offered to him.

He became aware that many of the people in the Kingdom of Thud were miserably poor in part to the dastardly deeds of his Uncle Elijah, known to all as the Villainous Prince of Thud who exploited his workers and who discovered a quick execution and or enslavement of the youth of the kingdom put a swift end to any thoughts of rebellion.

Cedric was alarmed by the poverty he saw and set about to make some amends.

At night he would don a disguise and with a few trusty helpers go through the streets of Thud offering bowls of hot soup to the many destitute who camped on street corners and in doorways.

After a time he became known as the Faceless Saint who offered the poor some hope and something to eat.

He continued this throughout his life, never once revealing his true identity. His helpers were sworn to secrecy and understood how important it was to the community that Cedric’s identity remain secret.

Upon Cedric’s death, the truth was revealed much to the horror of the House of Thud who in essence cared little about their people. They saw Cedric’s selfless acts of kindness as an embarrassment to themselves.

But when the Parish church was built some years later, the statue of the Faceless Saint was placed above the front door.

The statue remains today as a reminder of the potential good that comes from selfless acts of kindness.


Written for: https://helenevaillant.com/2019/06/11/what-do-you-see-june-11-2019/

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15 Responses to What do you See? June 11/2019 – The Faceless Saint.

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    You had me right in there with the start of that first line. I like how you end with a timely message.

  2. Excellent post. Informative and entertaining. A wonderful combination.

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Your story is exactly right for a faceless saint

  4. Wonderful story Michael.

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