Tale Weaver # 224 – Estrangement – May 23rd.- My Blog and I.


The man sat opposite his counsellor, awaiting the opportunity to discuss his issue.

“So,” asked the counsellor, “what brings you to see me?”

“I’m having a problem with my blog. I think it hates me. I think we’ve become estranged from each other,” said the man in a tone suggesting he was serious.

The counsellor thought for a moment and concluded he had not heard of this happening before. Curious as he was, he asked: “What makes you think you are estranged from your blog?”

“We no longer communicate like we used to. My blog and I were as one, we encouraged each other, we shared my muses, I supplied the words, and my blog helped to shape the meaning and purpose. Now it’s all gone to pot. Nothing seems to be working, and I fear my blog is no longer interested in me.”

“Is there a way your blog tells you this?”

“It’s as clear as the nose on your face. I sense it’s laughing at me. I can hear it telling me to write something different and not the same old day in and day out. But you see there are something’s that I like to write and though they are similar its what makes me feel fulfilled.”

“You hear you blog speaking to you?”

“Of course. I used to write poetry because it insisted I do so, but I never felt comfortable with poetry, so I avoid it as often as I can. Once to prove to myself anyone could write poetry, I threw a bunch of random words onto my blog, which it ate up and once published, there were lots of comments about how good it was. The blog was happy beyond words, but I wasn’t.”

“What else does it tell you?”

It complains when I write story. It says I’m verbose and should take editing lessons. But I tell it its what I want to say and it’s my blog, and I can write what I want. But it says I’m being self-centred and not taking its feelings into consideration. It’s all very depressing.”

“What do you want from your blog?”

“Acceptance, understanding and cooperation. I figure it exists because of me. Before I came along, it was nothing, just space, and my words have helped to fill it and give it purpose.”

“I think that is a good answer, so might the solution lie in some sort of compromise?”

“I’m happy to try for a compromise. I like my blog; I’ve become very attached to it. I think it’s become attached to me despite the current situation.”

“Why not, as you say, listen to it and see what happens if you go along with what it may be suggesting?”

“That’s a big ask. You mean, give in to it?”

“No, just listen and see if anything it says is something you can act on.”

“I could give it a go, I guess.”

“Good. I’d like to see you in a week to see if there has been any progress.”

The man thanked the counsellor and left, and he departed his office he found himself circling the man’s name and printing beside it, “Deranged.”

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/05/23/tale-weaver-224-estrangement-may-23rd/

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27 Responses to Tale Weaver # 224 – Estrangement – May 23rd.- My Blog and I.

  1. Fandango says:

    I think I have a similar relationship with my blog at times. Excellent post, Michael. Very witty.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    I can relate to this totally, at the risk of being called ‘deranged’. 🙂

  3. My blog and I have been estranged for some time now! An enjoyable read, Michael. 😊

  4. crimsonprose says:

    Your narrator might be having communications problems with your blog, but I don’t. This post lassoed me and reeled me in. I understood every word of it; I empathised; felt attuned. Wonderful, it was; total enchantment. I thank you.
    Signed with a big cheeky smile

    • Michael says:

      You’re making a habit of those signatures which is a good thing to know I am connecting with you. Enjoy your day I’m off to a wedding later (not my own)

  5. wildchild47 says:

    roflmao — ahh the devilish debates, for fishing in the depths of acclamations ….

    “let me love/hate you, in so many ways” … so it is, so it goes, but you know, it’s not really the blog’s fault – it just needs some space and TLC, as do you, for working so hard … and staying “true” to what is “right” and important to you, in your creations. 😀

    (blogging, is no one longer what it once was ~ sadly; people are less inclined to participate in a fashion of reciprocity and willingness, and then, well, please, just drop a truck load of flowers at my feet and tell me how wonderful I am, because all I want is some ego stroking 😉 )

    so “Lay on (Michael) Macduff” … and enjoy the process; have a mini hols/break, eat a ham sandwich and sip something satisfying, like a cold brew …

  6. Sadje says:

    You have hit the nail on the head!

  7. Jules says:

    When push comes to shove… I think one is the ultimate master of their fate.
    But hey if we can learn to listen to our inner intuition… maybe listening to our ‘blog’ isn’t that far of a stretch? 🙂

  8. Not my blog Michael, just my computer which hates me!

  9. msjadeli says:

    I enjoyed the dialogue and personification of the blog. Raising a glass to toast you and your blog’s reconciliation.

  10. Risa says:

    Haha…enjoyed this!! =)

  11. -Eugenia says:

    Priceless and I can relate! 🙂

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