Photo Challenge #264 – The Soul Medusa.


She looked no different to anyone else

That was until you ventured near.

She was attractive there was no doubt

But that attraction harboured evil.

She would lure you in,

Make you believe you were her one great love,

But her agenda was not to turn you to stone

But to break you down, bit by bit.

It was your heart you realised she went for first

Hardened it so outside of her no one existed.

Your attention was only for her

For if you strayed, her venom would strike

You’d be paralysed with fear and loathing

Promising the world for relief.

With your heart firmly in her grasp,

It was your soul she wanted next.


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7 Responses to Photo Challenge #264 – The Soul Medusa.

  1. Billy Mac says:

    so Medusa was just a regular woman? I joke of course, that was really well done

  2. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    Excellent Michael.)

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely, excellently penned.

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