Tale Weaver # 222 – The Opportunities of Old Age – May 9th


Out the window, I could see the old couple heading off. Hand in hand, the man, holding an umbrella over his lady friend as the rain was beginning to fall.

They made steady progress, as it was clear the man was not as fit as he might have been. But their demeanour suggested they were not in any hurry, rather they were enjoying being together.

As they walked on I couldn’t help but notice the old man begin to slow down, he leaned more on his friend, his step shortened, his body bent over as they made their way down the wet, deserted street.

They stopped beside the park, and I could see them commenting on the vegetation, the trees were out in their autumn splendour, and they like everyone else marvelled at the colours on display, the bright yellows and reds of the introduced deciduous trees along side the hardy native evergreens.

I got to thinking about old age. What would it be like for me when I reached the age where getting around was not as easy as it was now?

I didn’t like the thought of using a walking stick, a walking frame, needing help with the basic things in life.

The old couple I observed didn’t seem to see any of that as a burden; it was how life was for them.

Under a tree in the park, they stopped, and the woman spread out a plastic sheet on a damp seat, and they sat there, umbrella overhead and hold hands, taking in the scene before them.

The old man was smiling, his lady friend giggling before he reached across and gave her a kiss. For a second they took in each other’s eyes, and I saw then what made them tick. She then reached in and returned his kiss, and leant against his shoulder as if still love-struck teenagers.

Old age doesn’t afford a lot of time, that’s the cruel reality, but it does allow us the time to cement and treasure the relationships we do have.

The couple in question had clearly connected with each other, their joy at being together apparent to anyone who looked upon them.

As night was beginning to spread its dark shadow over the park, I watched as they gathered themselves, and joining hands turned towards the RSL Club where the Tuesday night $10.00 chicken schnitzel awaited them.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/05/09/tale-weaver-222-the-opportunities-of-old-age-may-9th/

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16 Responses to Tale Weaver # 222 – The Opportunities of Old Age – May 9th

  1. Sadje says:

    A heart touching post.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Your walk through this old couple’s pleasant day was as relaxed and charming as the couple you describe. And as with old age, I couldn’t turn my back on it, ignore, go find something more exciting to play. Brilliantly done, Michael. (Though I am glad I haven’t quite reached that age)

    • Michael says:

      Well I’m glad you aren’t there yet either, but its something we have to face at some time or other though even now I have bits complaining about moving or being stood on.

  3. A very endearing tale Michael.

  4. A lovely tale Michael. I know several couples like this and just thinking about them warms my heart.

  5. wildchild47 says:

    a lovely and reflective post Michael 🙂

    “Old age doesn’t afford a lot of time, that’s the cruel reality, but it does allow us the time to cement and treasure the relationships we do have.”

    – indeed it does ….

    and your attention to details, the small notations, like the couple leaning in to share a kiss is just richly evocative …

  6. Jules says:

    My husband and I still hold hands… I think even if we see each other as we are now we will continue to build on what we were and will be. Lucky to be in love, always and all ways. 🙂

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