What do you See? May 7/2019 – Gran’s Day with Her Grandson.


Play with me Gran

My turn,

No, not that way.
Gran you gotta play right.


Chastised, Gran looks up from the floor where she had been holding her head while small grandson hides behind the lounge.


He calls out:

Ready Gran, come find me.

She wonders how she’ll get up off the floor

But she’s committed to the game

She heaves herself onto her knees

Knowing where her grandson is

But determined to play

As she loves this time with him.


She hears his tell-tale giggle,

Walks around the lounge room

I wonder where he is?

Is he there?


Is he here?


I bet he is here!

There are squeals of delight as he laughs out loud

Pleased he has been found.

Your turn Gran he cries

Go hide,

I’ll count to ten.


Gran backs off as the small boy puts his pudgy hands over his eyes and counts in his small boy way:

One, two, four, six, nine, ten.

Coming or not Gran.


Her grandson has unlimited energy, and she is feeling hers waning as the day goes on

But she loves her grandson and perseveres.

I’ll sleep tonight she tells herself as the boy’s mother enters to rescue her from a dinosaur attack the boy has now initiated.


Later she travels home the memory of the day firmly in her mind.

Her heart warmed by the privilege of being Gran to such a beautiful boy.



Written for: https://helenevaillant.com/2019/05/07/what-do-you-see-may-7-2019/


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8 Responses to What do you See? May 7/2019 – Gran’s Day with Her Grandson.

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    A most beautiful story Michael. It is exactly as it was for me with my grandson. I kept him during the day while his parents went to work. Hide and seek we played, giggles and all. This made me smile, thank you for the memories.

  2. Sadje says:

    Aww, so beautifully written. Granny’s do adore their grand kids.

  3. crimsonprose says:

    And most people think the job of gran is an easy one. No, Mate, it’s exhausting

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