Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #5 – Sleep Study


My wife of many years was constantly nudging me in the ribs while we slept complaining that my snoring kept her awake.

One day she was reading the paper and came across a story about a man who like me snored in his sleep. The man in question had undergone a sleep study and discovered he suffered sleep apnea. What she told me was this disorder could bring about death if your body failed to get your breathing restarted. It is common for people to stop breathing in their sleep and in extreme cases, it can bring about death.

Despite her concerns about my disturbing her sleep she didn’t want me dead, well not just yet.

So we organised for me to undergo a sleep study. It required me to spend a night in the hospital all wired up to ascertain how often I did stop breathing and wake up.

It was a long night, I don’t think I slept all that much, but the result was I do stop breathing far more than I should, and the result of that was me taking home a CPAP machine to help me sleep better and not stop breathing so often.


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7 Responses to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #5 – Sleep Study

  1. Lyn says:

    I solved the problem by sleeping in a recliner with the back just slightly raised. It also stops the pain in my knees and hips from osteoarthritis.

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