What do you See? Feb/26/2019 – Work To Be Done!


The trek had been long

Hooded against the biting cold

She can see her destination.

The moon sits above the castle

As if showing her the way

Her feeble light overshadowed

By its luminescence.

The lights in the castle tell her

He is home, no doubt honing

His brooding self.

“What will I do,” she thinks,

“If they refuse to let me in the gate?”

As she approaches she hears the dogs,

They can smell her coming

She shivers as she recalls their teeth bared at her.

Around the final bend in the road

The gates loom high above her

As if heralding the fight she knows

She is heading into.

From the folds of her gown

She withdraws her wand

There is work to be done.


Written for: https://helenevaillant.com/2019/02/26/10678/

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10 Responses to What do you See? Feb/26/2019 – Work To Be Done!

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    A delightful write Michael. Magic wand at work…

  2. crimsonprose says:

    To hone one’s brooding self … like that what that conjures … in a story, not in actuality. 🙂

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