Wordle #122 – Setting up a Date


This week’s words: Please Cloth Branch Perturbation Dangle Folly Attractancy (n)) the capacity of, especially of a pheromone, to attract) Bolt Treasure Proceed Courtyard Place

“You can’t please everyone you know.” She said this in all sincerity. “There’s little point in trying to please everyone, simply because we are different.”

“We aren’t made of the same cloth are we?” I replied. “Some folk are as smooth as silk and some rough and tatty like a worn piece of cloth.”

“You have to stop being so rigid and branch out, look at the world as being a giant tree and each branch is there for you to explore.”

“I’m wracked with anxious perturbation at the thought. The feeling surprises me as I never thought of myself as a person given to perturbationist thought.”

“Well if you like I can help by dangling a reward in front of you. Imagine how you might behave with such a carrot dangling in front of you.”

“I’m not sure such a thing would be any more than folly. As it is I’m sure such acts of folly only result in ridicule.”

“The girl I most fancy is Marcy. When I’m near her, I can feel my attractancy towards her. I sometimes think my attractancy is more hindrance than benefit as I’m pretty obvious in how I feel.”

“Trouble is I’ve seen you bolt when she does show you any interest. I think I might need to bolt your feet to the floor.”

“She’s such treasure is Marcy, have you seen the way she wrinkles her forehead, that in itself is something I treasure every time I see it.”

Well, I think you should summon up your courage and proceed to woo her. What have you got to lose? Proceed with confidence, you never know what she might say.”

“I think I’ll invite her to dinner at the Courtyard café. That’s a good idea and a safe place to meet. We can sit in the courtyard and have introduction drinks.”

“That’s a great place to meet. Go ahead and ask her and don’t place her or yourself in any sort of awkward situation.”


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/wordle-122/

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2 Responses to Wordle #122 – Setting up a Date

  1. Love your use of dialogue Michael =)

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