Sunday Writing Prompt “Everyday Objects” Miss Marble’s Stirring Spoons


Miss Marble, a witch, at 46 Grimace Street liked her kitchen utensils, in particular, her wooden stirring spoons. They were unique, and she’d had them a long time. It helped that she had invented a potion to keep them in tiptop condition all these years.

When she was young and living with her mother and learning the craft of witchery there lived a little way from them a man called Bernard Naff. This was in the days before Grimace Street existed when the road outside Miss Marble’s was known as the road west and Nr Naff had a small shack a few hundred metres from Miss Marbles place.

Mr Naff was a recluse, a hermit who had not much to do with anyone except on the one day in the month when a market was held in the village. It was the market you could find him selling the handmade utensils he carved.

Being a neighbour, the young Miss Marble would visit Mr Naff from time to time careful not to interrupt his meditation time. He sat outside in the afternoons carving a variety of objects. Miss Marble was intrigued by his skill, and in time Mr Naff gave her one of the kitchen spoons he carved many of. She asked him if he would make her a larger spoon, one she and her mother could use to stir the cauldrons.

Mr Naff so obliged and Miss Marble went home to proudly show her mother their latest acquisition. Miss Marble’s mother was impressed but reminded her daughter that often the chemicals they concocted ate through the stirrers they used and she was frequently looking for new ones.

This set Miss Marble on a mission to produce a potion that would protect the new stirring spoons.

Miss Marble being the ingenious witch she was soon perfected a potion to safeguard the stirring spoons.

Once Mr Naff passed away, there was no one else they knew of who made kitchen spoons quite like he did and so she was very particular in caring for the ones she had.

She had them hanging in her kitchen and the people who visited her over the years often commented on them and queried from where she had acquired them.

“Relics from the past,” she would say, “they don’t make them like that anymore.”


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10 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Everyday Objects” Miss Marble’s Stirring Spoons

  1. Sadje says:

    Another appearance by Miss Marbles.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    When one has toxic potions to stir as part of one’s life-skills one needs to keep one’s utensils in the best of conditions. Obviously, your Miss Marble knows this. Wise woman.

  3. Sam loves making wooden spoons I use them all the time =) Miss Marble should have her own series

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