Crimson’s Creative Challenge #13 – The Gate


He loved a good gate. A good gate led to an adventure, and he never knew what lay beyond the gateway, so he tackled the notion of exploring with great enthusiasm.

It was a simple lock to open the gate, and he ventured through with expectations high.

The grass was knee deep which suggested the gate led to a paddock which was uninhabited by cattle in particular.

“Careful,” he heard a voice at his feet say.

“Watch it!” exclaimed another more irritated than the first.

“Bloody humans think they can come in here and pay no attention to us the rightful owners,” said the first voice.

“Bloody hide,” cried the other.

He looked around and down but saw nothing. He looked back over where he had stepped and saw nothing apart from the indentations of his boots in the grass.

“I thought you changed the lock,” said the first voice accusingly.

“I did, only yesterday, he must have sorted it out. I thought you said to put on the fool proof lock,” said the other sounding defensive.

“Mustn’t be a fool,” said the first with an air of resignation, “you can’t be too sure sometimes, they are a funny lot, not all as stupid as the other.”

“Excuse me,” said he who loved a good gate, “I came through the gate because I saw a chance to explore and I saw no sign saying do not enter.”

“What did he say?” asked the first

“Something about exploring,” said the other.

“They all say that,” replied the first.

“Who are you?” asked he who loved a good gate.

“We’re us,” announced the first.

“Yes, us,” seconded the other.

“I can’t see you,” said he who loved a good gate.

“You can’t,” stated the first.

“It’s against the rules to see us,” retorted the other.

“There are rules in a paddock of long grass?” queried he who loved a good gate.

“Of course,” said the first.

“Everybody knows there are rules,” added the other.

“Where would we be without rules?” asked the first sounding very smug.

“ Shouldn’t the rules be published and posted on the gate so anyone coming in might be aware?” asked he who loved a good gate.

“What nonsense,” scoffed the first.

“You should know them,” explained the other.

“As you don’t know the rules you must leave, or things might not end well for you,” said the first now with an air of authority.

“But I don’t mean any harm, I just want to have a look around, see what is here that sort of thing,” pleaded he who loved a good gate.

“No sorry,” said the first.

“Our hands are tied I’m afraid,” added the other.

“Best be on your way, or as you humans might say, on your bike,” chuckled the first.

When he tried to proceed, he found his boots glued to the spot. He could retreat but not advance.

“This is just preposterous,” announced he who loved a gate, “I’m going to report you, see what the authorities have to say about this.”

“Be our guest,” called the first as he who loved a gate made his way back to the gate.

When he reached the gate, he slammed it behind him and heard a click, which he assumed, was the lock going into place.

“Ahhh,” he heard the other say, “Forgot to slam it when I changed the lock.”

“Works every time if you slam it,” the first announced.


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7 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #13 – The Gate

  1. Sadje says:

    Very interesting. Loved it

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Delightful. And so true to reality; it happens to me all the time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Interesting narrative Michael!

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