Photo Challenge #250 – A Subject of Merit


He had a way with sauces, with embellishment

Today was no different,

The dessert arrived with an uncanny likeness.

He had obviously been watching

Taking in her features for he had them exact.

She blushed when she saw it

Looked momentarily embarrassed

Becoming the centre of attention.

It was a fine chocolate sauce,

Spooned and streaked on the edge of the plate

An art installation, showing off his eye

His talent already well known.

She took a photo, sat and looked

Never considering her profile

A subject of any merit.



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15 Responses to Photo Challenge #250 – A Subject of Merit

  1. Sadje says:

    A very imaginative story.

  2. Excellent take Michael, totally different.

  3. syncwithdeep says:


  4. Anjana says:

    beautifully written! a treat for chocolate lovers. 🙂

  5. rugby843 says:

    What an excellent take on the photo!❤️

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