Tell a Story – It Was To Be a Hard Day


Di from asked me to write something based on the above photo. So here goes:

Diane had started the day feeling so very positive. She had stayed up late the night before preparing her presentation for her boss, a man who expected a lot from her.

Dressing in her best professional work attire, she bounced out of the house ready to take on the world.

Then everything turned to shit.

Her car wouldn’t start so she had to call for help. That set her back an hour after hurried calls to colleagues to explain her situation and get them to cover for her.

Then because she was late, the morning commute was slow and tedious.

She arrived at work to find her parking spot taken and had to drive to the overflow park, which meant an added ten minutes to walk back to her office.

On the way back it started to rain, and she was splashed by a car going through a puddle ruining her new stockings.

Getting into the office was another trial as there was a new man on the door who insisted reading her pass with great scrutiny thus holding her up further.

Arriving at the office, she discovered her boss was not happy as he’d come in early looking for her and was not pleased she was running late.

As she sat at her desk, she remembered she needed to copy some documents for her presentation and when she arrived at the photocopier discovered the service man was starting the monthly service. There would be a twenty-minute delay, and her appointment with the boss was in ten minutes.

What could possibly go wrong now she thought as a distance away a large truck backed over her car.


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9 Responses to Tell a Story – It Was To Be a Hard Day

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Brilliant chain of disasters. And I’m sure we’ve all had those days … or at least, days they seemed like that.

  2. How did you know Michael?!!!!!!! Apart from a truck reversing into my car (I actually reversed into someone else’s once) it’s all hapened to me, though luckily not on the same day!
    Loved it Michael. Thanks so much for participating

  3. rugby843 says:

    Sounds like the horrible no good day children’s book 😉

  4. Lyn says:

    Oh dear. She is going to need a nice strong coffee after all that…and probably a block of chocolate.

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